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We are committed to building and maintaining lasting relationships with our patients by providing exceptional care in a professional and caring environment.

Thank you for choosing Rainbow City Family Dentistry. Our goal is to create an environment where our patients are welcomed and cared for with excellence. At Rainbow City Family Dentistry, we will always strive to meet and exceed your expectations with the various services we have to offer. We have included as much information as possible on our website; however, you are always welcome to call or stop by with any questions or comments. We want to establish long-term relationships, and we will meet that goal by being responsive to our patients’ needs and desires to the best of our ability.

A Message from Dr. Haynie

“I have a passion for cultivating community and relationships. I like to consider myself as a Christ follower, a husband, and a father who just happens to be a dentist. That being said, I take pride in being able to offer the most advanced, aesthetic, and affordable comprehensive dental care possible. I truly look forward to assisting you in all your dental needs as well as cultivating lasting relationships with you and the community. See you soon!”


Preventative Care

We offer a comprehensive range of preventative care, including cleanings, periodontal (gum) therapy, sealants. We also provide state-of-the-art, low emitting digital radiography to aid in early diagnosis of dental problems.

Pediatric Dentistry

Rainbow City Family Dentistry is proud to offer dentistry to all ages, including children. We recommend a child make her first visit between the ages of one and two. We will work hard to ensure that your children have positive experiences at the dentist unlike many children from previous generations. We provide cleanings, sealants, fillings and other services to children, recognizing that establishing good habits early will result in healthy teeth for a lifetime!

Dental Fillings

We use the latest tooth colored, light-cured composite and glass ionomer materials to fill teeth and restore them to their original condition. We always say, “God made our teeth best to start with”, but we will strive to achieve restorations that look, feel and perform like natural teeth.

Financial Information

We also offer an in-house membership plan for those who do not have dental insurance. Please reference the Practice Membership PDF in the section above, or contact our office for details regarding the plan.

  • Preferred Provider Plans:
  • Alabama Medicaid
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield

and others! Please see our New Patient Information and Resources page for more Information.


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We Look Forward to serving you!

P: 256.442.8081
E:  info@rainbowcityfamilydentistry.com

2729 Rainbow Drive

Rainbow City, Alabama 35906

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